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Dates in a Life Project 2018

Mixed Media on Stiffened Fabric

Dates in a Life Project 2017

Dates in a Life Project
mixed media on stiffened fabric
33" x 39"
Work in progress - updated November 30, 2018


Artist's Statement

The Dates in a Life Project 2018 is a year-long painting project documenting the number of steps I walk each day.

I worked out a system of symbols to represent each thousand steps. Instead of showing exactly how many I walk each day, I’m rounding up or down. As an example, 2000-2499 steps equals 2000, and 2500-3000 equals 3000 steps.

My goal is to walk as much as I can every day. I prefer to walk for exercise, as time permits, outside in addition to whatever other walking I do as I go about my day.

This piece measures 33" x 39" and is created with monoprinted textures of a construction fence, combined with handpainting, stitching, and collaged fabric, on stiffened fabric.

To keep track of steps, I'm using the Health app in my iPhone.

There solid white squares in the Saturday and Sunday columns because I usually have more time to walk on the weekend, and I've caught up on sleep and therefore more energy to exercise.

Stay tuned for updates during the year.

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