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The Fence As Lace 1
The Fence As Lace #1 detail

The Fence As Lace #1
mixed media on stiffened fabric
66" x 48"

Lace Wall Art at

Artist's Statement

The Fence As Lace Series explores the lace-like qualities of construction fences. They are monoprinted, handstamped, handpainted, and stitched fabric that is stiffened to provide a construction fence-like feel when touching it.

Holes are cut out of various areas of the stiffened fabric on many of these pieces, so shadows and pattern can be seen behind it, and can be exhibited right on the wall or a few inches away from it.

Some pieces can be exhibited as installations where viewers can walk around them, and some can be exhibited either on the wall or as an installation. Detail shots of different exhibition options are shown on the pages of the pieces that can be shown both ways.


Most of the pieces on this site are for sale. Please contact Jeanne for prices and availability.

Photo credits: Joe Ofria and Jeanne Williamson

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